Ant Species

Here is a list of ant species I’ve seen and photographed. Click on the images to enlarge them. The list contains 51 species of ants, found in NJ and PA (mostly in NJ).

  • Anergates atralutus

  • Aphaenogaster sp.
  • Aphaenogaster fulva

  • Aphaenogaster cf. tennesseensis
  • Aphaenogaster picea
  • Aphaenogaster treatae
  • Brachymyrmex cf. depilis
  • Camponotus americanus
  • Camponotus caryae

  • Camponotus castaneus
  • Camponotus chromaiodes

  • Camponotus nearcticus
  • Camponotus pennsylvanicus

  • Camponotus subbarbatus

  • Crematogaster cerasi
  • Dolichoderus plagiatus
  • Formica exsectoides
  • Formica incerta
  • Formica pallidefulva
  • Formica cf. pergandei
  • Formica subintegra
  • Formica subsericea
  • Hypoponera opacior

  • Lasius alienus
  • Lasius claviger
  • Lasius interjectus

  • Lasius latipes
  • Lasius murphyi
  • Lasius neoniger

  • Lasius umbratus

  • Monomorium minimum

  • Myrmecina americana

  • Myrmica sp.
  • Nylanderia flavipes

  • Nylanderia parvula

  • Polyergus lucidus

  • Ponera pennsylvanica

  • Pheidole bicarinata

  • Pheidole tysoni

  • Pheidole pilifera

  • Proceratium silaceum

  • Pyramica sp.
  • Solenopsis molesta
  • Solenopsis texana
  • Stenamma brevicorne

  • Stigmatomma pallipes
  • Tapinoma sessile

  • Temnothorax schaumii

  • Temnothorax curvispinosus
  • Tetramorium sp. E

  • Trachymyrmex septentrionalis

4 Responses to Ant Species

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I found your website last week and wanted to say I really enjoy it. Thanks for all the effort you put in. Particularly the photos of P. Tysoni. Thats my favorite ant.

  2. Corey German says:

    Hey man, it’s me Robotu2 from the anting forums. I finally got around to check out your site here, and I really enjoy. Keep up the good work!

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